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P790: The Ultimate Guide to the Golf Irons

Table Of The Content

  1. Introduction to the P790
    • Overview of the P790
    • Importance in the golf world
  2. History of the P790
    • Initial launch and reception
    • Evolution over the years
  3. Design and Technology
    • Innovative features
    • Material composition
  4. Performance Enhancements
    • SpeedFoam™ technology
    • Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (PICT)
    • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™
  5. Comparison with Previous Models
    • Improvements from earlier versions
    • User feedback and performance metrics
  6. User Experience and Feedback
    • Reviews from amateur golfers
    • Professional golfer endorsements
  7. Customization Options
    • Available configurations
    • Personalization features
  8. Benefits of Using the P790
    • Enhanced distance and accuracy
    • Forgiveness and feel
  9. Ideal Users for the P790
    • Skill levels
    • Playing styles
  10. Maintenance and Care Tips
    • Cleaning and storage
    • Longevity of the clubs
  11. Common Misconceptions
    • Myths about the P790
    • Clarifying false claims
  12. P790 vs. Competitors
    • Comparing with other brands
    • Pros and cons
  13. Pricing and Availability
    • Cost considerations
    • Where to buy
  14. Tips for Buying the P790
    • What to look for
    • Best places to purchase
  15. Conclusion
    • Recap of key points
    • Final thoughts
  16. FAQs
    • How does the improve my game?
    • Is the suitable for beginners?
    • What makes the different from other irons?
    • Can I get custom fittings for the ?
    • Where can I find reviews of the ?

Introduction to the P790

If you’re into golf, you’ve probably heard the buzz around the P790 irons. But what makes these clubs stand out in the crowded market of golf equipment? Let’s dive into the details and uncover why the irons are a game-changer for many golfers.

History of the P790

The P790 irons made their debut in 2017, creating quite a stir among golf enthusiasts and professionals alike. Their innovative design and advanced technology quickly set them apart from other irons available at the time. Over the years, the has continued to evolve, incorporating feedback from players and advancements in engineering to enhance performance and user experience.

Design and Technology p790

One of the standout features of the P790 is its sleek, modern design. But it’s not just about looks – the technology behind these irons is truly cutting-edge. The hollow body construction, combined with a thin face and SpeedFoam™ technology, provides a unique combination of power, feel, and forgiveness. The use of forged 4140 steel and carbon construction ensures durability and a premium feel.

Performance Enhancements p790

SpeedFoam™ Technology

SpeedFoam™ is a revolutionary material injected into the clubhead, allowing for a thinner face and faster ball speeds without sacrificing feel. This technology significantly enhances the performance of the P790, offering players more distance and better sound and feel upon impact.

Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (PICT)

The Progressive Inverted Cone Technology is strategically positioned in each iron to optimize accuracy and increase the sweet spot, ensuring better performance on off-center hits. This means more consistency and confidence for golfers at all levels.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™

The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ further increases face flexibility, especially on low-face strikes. This innovation maximizes ball speed and distance, providing golfers with the added forgiveness needed during less-than-perfect shots.

Comparison with Previous Models

So, how does the latest P790 stack up against its predecessors? The improvements are notable. The new model boasts a thinner face, increased speed, and enhanced forgiveness. Feedback from users indicates that these changes translate to better overall performance, making the latest a significant upgrade over previous versions.

User Experience and Feedback

Amateur golfers have praised the P790 for its impressive distance, feel, and forgiving nature. Professional endorsements add to its credibility, with many pros appreciating the balance between power and control these irons provide. The consensus is clear: the P790 delivers on its promises, making it a popular choice across different skill levels.

Customization Options

One of the great things about the is the range of customization options available. Golfers can choose from various shaft types, grips, and lengths to suit their preferences and playing style. This level of personalization ensures that each player can optimize their setup for maximum performance.

Benefits of Using the P790

Enhanced Distance and Accuracy

The combination of SpeedFoam™ technology and Progressive Inverted Cone Technology means that players can achieve greater distances with improved accuracy. The design ensures that even off-center hits maintain their trajectory, helping to lower scores and boost confidence.

Forgiveness and Feel

Despite being packed with technology, the P790 irons maintain a soft, responsive feel. The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ and hollow body construction contribute to a forgiving club that performs well even on mishits. This balance of power and softness is a key reason why golfers love .

Ideal Users for the P790

The P790 irons are versatile enough to suit a wide range of players. Whether you’re a mid-handicap golfer looking to improve your game or a low-handicap player seeking consistent performance, these irons have something to offer. Their forgiving nature also makes them a good option for high-handicap golfers aiming to enhance their accuracy and distance.

Maintenance and Care Tips

To keep your P790 irons in top condition, regular cleaning is essential. Wipe down the clubheads after each round to remove dirt and grass. Store your clubs in a dry, cool place to prevent rust and damage. Periodically check for wear and tear, especially on the grips, and replace them as needed to maintain optimal performance.

Common Misconceptions

There are a few misconceptions about the P790 irons that need clearing up. Some golfers believe that these irons are only for advanced players due to their high-tech features. However, the is designed to be user-friendly and beneficial for golfers of all skill levels. Another myth is that the advanced technology makes these irons difficult to control, but in reality, they offer a great blend of power and precision.

P790 vs. Competitors

When comparing the P790 to other irons on the market, several factors stand out. The blend of distance, forgiveness, and feel is hard to match. While some competitors offer similar technologies, the ‘s combination of SpeedFoam™, PICT, and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ provides a unique edge. However, it’s always wise to try out different options to see what feels best for your game.

Pricing and Availability

The P790 irons come at a premium price, reflecting their advanced technology and performance capabilities. However, many golfers find the investment worthwhile given the benefits these irons offer. They are available at most major golf retailers, both in-store and online. Be sure to check for any special offers or discounts to get the best deal.

Tips for Buying the P790

When purchasing P790 irons, it’s crucial to consider your playing style and needs. Try out different shaft types and grips to find the best fit. If possible, get a custom fitting to ensure the clubs are tailored to your specifications. Reading reviews and seeking advice from golf professionals can also help you make an informed decision.


In summary, the P790 irons are a stellar choice for golfers looking to enhance their game. With their advanced technology, sleek design, and customizable options, these irons offer a blend of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, the can help you take your performance to the next level.


How does the improve my game?

The irons enhance your game by providing greater distance, improved accuracy, and forgiveness on off-center hits. The advanced technology ensures a better feel and sound, boosting confidence and performance.

Is the suitable for beginners?

Yes, the is suitable for beginners due to its forgiving nature and user-friendly design. It helps new players achieve better results even with less-than-perfect swings.

What makes the different from other irons?

The stands out with its SpeedFoam™ technology, Progressive Inverted Cone Technology, and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™, which together provide a unique combination of power, accuracy, and feel.

Can I get custom fittings for the ?

Absolutely! Custom fittings are available for the irons, allowing you to choose the best shaft type, grip, and length to match your playing style and preferences.

Where can I find reviews of the ?

Reviews of the can be found on major golf retailer websites, golf forums, and review sites like Golf Digest. Checking multiple sources can give you a comprehensive understanding of their performance.



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